I. Name, headquarters and mission of IAPMA:

1. The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is an association headquartered at its President’s address. A classification as "registered association" has been deemed unfeasible.

2. IAPMA’s mission is: To aid and facilitate communication between individual papermakers, paper artists, paper collectors, paper handlers and distributors, museums, and galleries;

To provide information on developments in the fields of hand papermaking and paper art worldwide;

To establish an archive of literature and other pertinent texts published worldwide regarding hand papermaking and paper artists’ work;

To organize meetings, conferences, congresses, exhibitions, and other paper-related events

To publish six newsletters and one Bulletin annually for members


II. Membership

1. Membership is composed of:


 2. Anyone with an appreciation of paper may become a member.

III. Resignation of membership and dissolution of IAPMA

1. Ordinary, institutional and student members, may resign their membership at any time by written notification.

2. Membership automatically ceases if the full membership fee remains unpaid three months after IAPMA issues a written (emailed) reminder of due payment.

3. A decision to dissolve IAPMA requires a two-thirds majority vote of the total active IAPMA membership.


IV. Membership fees

1. The membership subscription is accepted at any date.

2. Ordinary members pay an annual membership fee of the rate established at the General Meeting. The IAPMA committee may set extraordinary amendments to the membership fee and apply for one subscription year.

4. Student fees are set at half ordinary membership fees. Students must be able to provide proof of full-time student status.

5. Patron members pay a minimum of twice the ordinary membership fees.

6. The IAPMA membership starts at the day the membership fee is paid to the IAPMA account and ends one year later. Before the membership ends reminders will be sent automatically.


V. Organs of the Association

1. The organs of the Association are:

2. The General Meeting is held at least once every two years. The location and date of the following meeting are established at the General Meeting. The Treasurer’s and Co-Treasurer’s reports will be checked annually by an auditor and approved by the Committee. The budget balance, current holdings, and proposed budget will be published on the IAPMA website.

3. The following fall under the competence of the General Meeting:

a. Approval of the following congress

b. Extraordinary dissolution of the entire Committee or exclusion of individual committee members

The committee members are elected by online vote; all members are eligible to vote. Votes will be solicited and accepted via Internet. The Secretary will count all ballots. Any member may request that two other members be appointed to check the vote tally and election outcome. For members to be appointed to the IAPMA Committee, a majority vote is required. For all other business, a simple majority is decisive. In the event of a tied vote, the President’s vote is ultimately decisive.

4. The Committee consists of:

a. President
b. Secretary
c. Vice President
d. Web Editor
e. Bulletin Editor
f. Newsletter Editor
g. Treasurer/Co-treasurer
h. Five members at large
Appointed positions:
g. Web Master

Co-treasurers based in the United States, Australia and Europe are established for all members wishing to pay their membership fees in US Dollars, Australian dollars and Euros. The US Co-treasurer manages a separate bank account and issues monthly reports on the status of said account. He/she also collects credit card payments.
The President and Treasurer are continually active positions. All other committee roles can remain effective through the next election, or be taken up by one of the five members at large.

5. The Committee manages the Association’s business operations and represents IAPMA to the outside world. It is responsible for the Association’s finances, as well as the publication of bulletins and newsletters.

6. The President and/or Treasurer alone hold sole responsibility for signing off on behalf of

7. The annual accounting documents, including earnings and expenditures, will be checked and posted between the end of each contribution year (1 April) and 1 May by an accounting office.

8. Committee members issue monthly reports on the progress of their tasks and other developments; these reports are sent to the forum on the website and the secretary produces a summary of each month’s reports that is also uploaded to the forum/board.


VI. Funds of the Association

11. Upon the dissolution of the Association, all its funds are to be given to an institution that has displayed major commitment to, and made special efforts on behalf of, hand papermaking and paper artists. The funds may be divided among several institutions. The Committee is to make recommendations for fund allotment, and a vote is taken at the final General Meeting or in writing from the membership. The Committee determines all voting arrangements. The vote results determine fund assignments, and a letter will send notification of the outcome to all members.


VI. Final Clauses

20. For cases not specifically addressed herein, the provisions of the BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, German Civil Code) apply
21. Neither the Committee members nor individual members are personally liable for the obligations of the Association.