The biannual IAPMA Congress is an international affair, for members to meet up in person from all over the world. Congresses have been held every second year since IAPMA’s founding in 1986 with only few exceptions. Organizing committees for the Congresses in different countries typically provide insight into their local paper history. During a Congress, members have the opportunity to share their own knowledge of papermaking through lectures, demonstrations, workshops and panel discussions. Trips to paper mills, artists' studios, paper factories and museums are arranged. In the paper market during the congress, members can also exhibit and sell their own work according to the particular Congress program for that year. Part of the Congress programme is often a suitcase exhibition and one or more exhibitions in different venues.

27. IAPMA Congress in Dresden



Event Dates

The congress took place from September 12, 2023 until September 16, 2023.


PAPER ALIVE! Paper Art International

Paper fulfills a variety of roles in our world. To the casual observer, paper can be a passive, single-use substance – something easily discarded after it has served its limited or temporary function. For the artist, the longevity of paper is crucial, as it dictates the lifespan of an artwork. Finally for the paper artist, PAPER is a medium very much ALIVE – malleable, enduring, and even assertive – , and it is precisely these characteristics that we highlight during the 2023 IAPMA Congress in Dresden, PAPER ALIVE! Several congress events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, exhibitions, and some workshops will be streamed live via Zoom, Youtube and social media.


Currently, all congress tickets are sold out. In case you would like to reserve a spot on the waitlist, please register through the button 'Join Waitlist' using this link:

  • Congress fee includes access to all lectures, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, a boat tour, public transport ticket, and ground transportation directly related to Congress events. (Cost of the Congress Dinner is not included.)
  • Accompanying Person (non-participant) fee includes access to a boat tour, public transport ticket, and ground transportation ONLY. It does not include access to lectures, demonstrations, and other non-public or limited capacity events of the Congress. (Cost of the Congress Dinner is not included.)
  • The Paper Market fee is paid to reserve a table and chair(s) to sell your products for one afternoon during the Congress. Items for sale should be Handmade Paper- / Paper Art- / Book Art related. The papermarket will be open for 2 days (afternoons).
  • The Congress Dinner takes place the evening of September 15, 2023, and is the closing event of the Congress. Bus transportation will be provided between hotels and the dinner venue.
You can find a tutorial how to register in the PDF download below.

IAPMA has blocked hotel rooms for IAPMA Congress participants and accompanying persons in Dresden. Please make your hotel bookings by yourself at the hotels listed in the HOTEL LIST which you can find in the download below.

Open Call for Lectures, Demonstrations, Workshops, Panels - see PDF download below. Open Call for Artworks - see PDF below.

You can find the tentative IAPMA Post Congress Tour 2023 program in the PDF downloads below.

Exhibition from September 15 to October 31, 2023

Opening Ceremony on September 14, 2023 in the presence of
Betty Amongi, Uganda’s Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, accompanied by Dr. Matthias Rößler, President of Parliament, Free State of Saxony.

On the occasion of the 27th Congress of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) which is being held this year with Fides Linien as Congress Convenor in the Dresden University of Fine Arts, the Kunstgwerbemuseum / Design Campus of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections) is hosting a special Paper Art exhibition in the Riverside Palace of Pillnitz Palace in collaboration with IAPMA. On display are artworks by 82 contemporary artists from 27 countries from all over the world, making it possible to experience paper as a living, responsive, artistic medium - as an independent art form - “Paper Art”.

Further information:


Special thanks to The Xsabo Foundation, funding partner of the IAPMA Congress 2023 “PAPER ALIVE!” and the related Exhibition. With its financial support of the IAPMA Congress 2023, the congress-related “PAPER ALIVE!” Exhibition and its initiation of Minister Betty Amongi’s visit as Guest of Honour at the function, The Xsabo Foundation aims at furthering cooperation between Uganda, Germany (Saxony) and the wider world community.

The Dresden Convention Service is also supporting the Congress.



The venue for lectures and workshops of the IAPMA Congress 2023 will be the Dresden University of Fine Arts (Hochschule für Bildende Künste) .
One of the key congress exhibitions will be held at the Museum of Decorative Arts (Kunstgewerbemuseum) www.kunstgewerbemuseum.skd with its Design Campus . The museum is located at Pillnitz Palace & Park, a beautifully restored Baroque-Chinoiserie ensemble on the bank of River Elbe. A venue for further congress activities will be the Graphic Workshop (Grafikwerkstatt) , and the Dresden City Museum in the 'Country House'

Dresden Tourist Information:

Dresden International Airport:

Congress Venues - Virtual Map:


IAPMA's Congress 2023 is being organized, managed and hosted by Fides Linien as Convenor in conjunction with the Dresden University of Fine Arts as Co-Convenor who is providing premisses during some congress activities.


Congress Convenor, Fides Linien 
Congress Coordinator, Nicole Donnelly

26. IAPMA Congress in Toyota



Event Dates

The congress took place from October 07, 2021 until October 10, 2021.


APPROACH: Create A Bright Future Through Paper

New Congress dates

Virtual SATURDAYS: September 18, 25, & October 2, 2021

LIVE from Toyota, Japan: October 7 - 10, 2021

In a series of online lectures and demonstrations, the IAPMA Congress will explore the essence of paper and contemporary paper art through the lens of change and future orientation. Organized into three thematic days -- Community, Art & Adaptation, and Global Approach to Craft -- online presenters will explore paper art as a means of community building and resilience, reveal personal explorations and adaptations with the medium of paper and paper pulp, and share culturally diverse experiences of the craft and art of handmade paper today.

While it is not possible to participate in person at the Paper Toyota festival in Toyota, Japan, events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, member exhibitions, and some workshops will be LIVE broadcast via Zoom and Facebook during October 7-10.

REGISTRATION (Virtual Congress Events):
All Congress events are FREE to members.


Download the PROGRAM BOOK below (PDF).

PAPER TOYOTA 2020 festival website


The location of the Congress is the central area of Toyota city and Obara in the mountainous surroundings of Toyota City, Japan.

Links to find out more:
Toyota City Obara Paper Art Museum Washi no Furusato:
Toyota City Folk Craft Museum:


PAPER TOYOTA 2020 Executive Committee, Toyota City Obara Paper Art Museum Washi no Furusato, and Toyota Obara Washi Kougei Association.

The Congress will be held jointly with PAPER TOYOTA 2020, an international paper forum hosted by Toyota City in September-November 2021.

25. IAPMA Congress in Sofia



Event Dates

The congress took place from May 16, 2018 until May 20, 2018.


16 May - 20 May 2018

Pulling from the title of Bulgarian-born writer Elias Cannetti's The Conscience of Words, a collection of essays that followed Crowds and Power, IAPMA looks at the conscience and consciousness of paper in the 21st century, its place in a contemporary, globally connected society and ever-increasing technological world. What are the ethical and moral implications of paper – as a record or document, as a social contract, as an art form, as a craft? What is the power of paper, and what is its weakness? How is the role of paper changing as we progress towards complete digital communication? What is paper's role as we strive for a more conscious, equal, and aware global society? How can we,
as citizens of the world, use paper to affect positive change, social change, environmental change, and technological advances?

Join us for 4 days of presentations, demonstrations, and exhibitions exploring the conscience and consciousness of paper art in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria.

Please mark the dates on your calendar: 16 May - 20 May 2018.
Post-Congress: 21 May - 28 May (**the tour is officially running**)

In addition, IAPMA will experience the Sofia Night of the Museums on 19 May, when more than 20,000 visitors come to Sofia to experience its art! 

DEADLINE to REGISTER: 15 April 2018


The city of Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, located in the western half of the country. Sofia is the hometown for many major universities and world-renowned cultural institutions, museums, and galleries. It has many historic attractions, and a very high walkability rating. Sofia has a rich history owing to its continuous habitation since 7000 BCE, from the ancient Thracian culture, to the Bulgarian Empire which spread from Asia, to the contemporary culture of today. In 2018 it will be one of the cultural seats of the EU, and uniquely positioned to host the IAPMA congress.


About AMATERAS and SPAF: These incredible exhibitions which take over the city of Sofia for the month of May also coincide with the Night of the Museums, when Sofia attracts over 30,000 visitors to its major cultural institutions in a single evening.

IAPMA's 2018 Congress is planned for Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by member Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov, in conjunction with AMATERAS and the Sofia Paper Art Fest in May 2018.

EXHIBTION FORMS can be found under "Announcements".

24. IAPMA Congress in Brasilia



Event Dates

The congress took place from September 12, 2016 until September 16, 2016.


IAPMA is very excited to announce our first Congress in South America in Brazil!

Under the theme Nature, Diversity, & the Art of Paper, IAPMA members will convene in the capital city of Brasilia, 12 -16 September 2016, to participate in presentations, demonstrations, and exhibitions of paper art in this uniquely inspiring location. Hosted by member Dr. Therese Hofmann of the Universidade de Brasília, we will gather at the Cultural Centre Bank of Brazil to have an inspiring set of presentations and exhibitions of paper art in their galleries, as well as a Post-Congress Tour.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many new papermakers and paper artists from Brazil as well as other countries in South America, and to experience the unique papers and traditions of this part of the world. We hope you will join us in Brazil!

Visit the Congress website for up to date information about TRAVEL, ACCOMMODATIONS, CONGRESS FEE, and CALLS for ENTRY:

Post-Congress Tour to Sao Paulo, September 16 - 19.


Brasilia is the captial city and seat of government of Brazil. Located in the Central Highlands, it was inaugurated in 1960 to serve as the new national capital, moving it from Rio de Janeiro to a more central location.
Brasília is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its modernist architecture and uniquely artistic urban planning which attracts architecture aficionados worldwide. Portuguese is the official language, but Spanish and English are also widely spoken. Brasilia has a population of roughly 2.5 million people and is an important transportation hub as well.

Universidade de Brasilia is a world-renowned research institution of 40,000 students.

Brasilia is considered a tropical savana, with a rainy season (October - April) and a dry season (May - September). In the dry season, there is very little rainfall and almost no mosquitoes.
September is springtime in Brasilia, with an average daily high temperature at 28C/83F degrees, and an average low at 16C/60F.

Travel to Brazil
Brazil requires a Tourist Visa in addition to passport for visitors from the following countries:
          United States
Please check with your country’s consular office for up to date information.
Or look up other travel details:


Dr. Therese Hofmann
at Universidade de Brasília
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro

Or visit the University Artisanal Paper website:

23. IAPMA Congress 2014 in Fabriano



Event Dates

The congress took place from July 02, 2014 until July 06, 2014.


Home to a rich history in papermaking that spans 800 continuous years, it is an ideal site for a collegial, memorable and inspiring Congress in 2014.The staff of the Museum, led by Director, Giorgio Pellegrini, have worked for years to develop the Museo della Carta e della Filigrana as a centre for learning on many levels – for scholars, for practitioners and for young papermakers of the future. 


Fabriano is a beautiful city to visit, nestled in the Appenines.  The city prides itself on its welcoming hospitality, with typical cuisine and wines of the extraordinary Marche region where it is located.  Close to Assisi and Urbino, great artistic centres; near to Monte Conero which rises from the Adriatic; with easy access to natural wonders such as gorges and caves; Fabriano promises not only immersion in a  historic papermaking city but much to enjoy just outside the city limits as well.


Please take a virtual tour of the Museum by following this link:

22. IAPMA Congress and Joint Meeting with FDH in Cleveland

United States


Event Dates

The congress took place from October 10, 2012 until October 15, 2012.


Morgan Conservatory

21. IAPMA Congress in Wonju



Event Dates

The congress took place from September 08, 2010 until September 14, 2010.


The Post Congress Tour took place from September 14th until 18th.


The congress has been held at the Hanji Theme Park in Wonju. Wonju is a one to one and a half hours by bus from Seoul.


Mr. Lee Chang-Bok, president of Hanji institute and team

20. IAPMA Congress in Burnie



Event Dates

The congress took place from March 26, 2009 until March 30, 2009.


Fore more information visit


Creative Paper Tasmania
PO Box 973
Tasmania Australia 7320


Michelle Green - Business Manager, Creative Paper Tasmania

Michelle Wubbolts

19. IAPMA Congress in Oxford

United Kingdom


Event Dates

The congress took place from August 30, 2007 until September 03, 2007.


Wadham College


Hilary Sussum

18. IAPMA Congress in Steyrermühl



Event Dates

The congress took place from August 03, 2006 until August 09, 2006.


Österreichisches Papiermuseum Steyrermühl
For more information visit


Joachim Tschacher and Team
Helene Tschacher, Eva Juras, Hubert Böckle, Susanne Zehnder

17. IAPMA Congress in Banff, Alberta



Event Dates

The congress took place from January 01, 2005 until January 01, 2005.


The 2005 Congress took place in Banff, Alberta, Canada, in the heart of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Although surrounded by wilderness, and some of the world's most beautiful scenery, Banff is a thriving town with all amenities. The Banff Centre, with up-to-date conference facilities and meeting rooms, is also an artists' retreat, and has a fully equipped paper studio. Best of all, the well-appointed accommodation was only a few steps from all the Congress activities.


The Banff Centre for the Arts


Elizabeth Crammond

16. IAPMA Congress in Jeonju



Event Dates

The congress took place from May 03, 2004 until May 08, 2004.


Pan Asia Paper Museum, Jeonju:
Jeonju City:
Korean National Tourism Organization:


Jeonju Congress Center


Mr. JIN Dong-Kyu

15. IAPMA Congress in Geneva



Event Dates

The congress took place from August 04, 2003 until August 08, 2003.


Collège et Ecole de Commerce André-Chavanne, Geneva


Elisabeth Jobin

14. IAPMA Congress in Chicago, Illinois

United States


Event Dates

The congress took place from August 01, 2002 until August 05, 2002.


Columbia College Chicago, Center for the Book & Paper Arts 


Bill Drendel

13. IAPMA Congress in Duszniki Zdrój



Event Dates

The congress took place from August 02, 2001 until August 08, 2001.


Muzeum Papiernictwa Duszniki Zdrój (Southern Poland, near Wroclaw)


Joachim Tschacher

12. IAPMA Congress in Sarteano



Event Dates

The congress took place from July 29, 2000 until August 05, 2000.


Abbazia di Spineto, Sarteano


Luciano Pandiani and Marilisa Cuccia