The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists. It was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, when paper as an art medium was far less well-known than it is today. While paper history and production are one facet of the Association's activities, the central focus is paper role as art form and as a contemporary artistic medium.

The Association main objective is to facilitate an international exchange of artistic ideas and share information about hand papermaking and paper art. IAPMA aims to provide the opportunity for members to work together, collaborate on artistic projects and exhibitions, share solutions to technical problems, explore different paper-related cultural backgrounds, and encourage new approaches to paper arts. To this end, each year two Bulletins and four newsletters are produced: the newsletters provide information about exhibitions, publications, projects and techniques involving paper; the Bulletins are professionally produced magazines with handmade paper covers and samples which feature individual artists, papermakers and their ideas. All members are invited to share information with other members through the newsletters and Bulletins.

Currently, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists has 450 members from 38 different countries.

October 20, 2017
After hearing about developments in NANOCELLULOSE at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA, we learn about nanocellulose PULP CASTING in this article: https://materia.nl/article/fleeting-nanocellulose-casted-iridescent-butterflies/ #nanopaperart Friends of Dard Hunter, hand papermakers #israelipaper #telaviv http://www.eretzmuseum.org.il/e/369/ מוזיאון ארץ-ישראל, תל-אביב
October 19, 2017
Hand Papermaking, Inc. magazine, the only journal dedicated to papermaking and paper art, is having its first ever PAPER ART auction. Now through October 31 ---> https://paddle8.com/auction/hand-papermaking/
October 09, 2017
Open Call for Bulletin Submissions! The IAPMA Bulletin is an annual publication that is created by the members, for members. Our bulletins are professionally designed and printed editions, a tradition since 1986. Each edition contains unique handmade paper. The Bulletin is mailed out every year around March/April. All members (new & current) are invited to submit text and images on paper-related themes, articles concerning specific techniques, essays of historical interest, features of contemporary artistic approaches, reports on international developments, as well as interviews and reviews of exhibitions. Submissions for the next bulletin must be received by December 1st, 2017 to editor@iapma.info. The theme for 2018, Issue 57, is Paper: Conscience & Consciousness. (https://www.iapma.info/Congresses) We welcome: * Exhibition reviews * Book reviews * Articles on your studio/paper mill or travelogs from visits to international or local paper mills/studios * Articles on specific paper techniques * Contributions on historic and contemporary papermaking and paper art in your local region * Upcoming events/exhibitions in 2018 (keeping in mind this will not be distributed until end of March 2018) * Member showcases (especially for new members) * Images of your paper art and artist statements * Articles pertaining to the theme of next year’s Congress, Paper: Conscience & Consciousness. Guidelines for all submissions: * Language: English * Text File formats: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Plain Text (.txt) * Length: minimum 250, maximum 800 words * Images File formats: JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif); Resolution: 300 dpi * Image list: include a separate text file listing each image with number, file name, and relevant credit line (full name of creator, title, medium, date, copyright). For non-English titles, please include an English translation. * Images and texts should be submitted electronically by e-mail, or using a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox for files over 25MB. * Submitting does not guarantee that it will be published, that is up to the discretion of the IAPMA committee. Feel free to contact the Bulletin editor at editor@iapma.info for more info. We hope you will contribute to the 2018 Bulletin! Thank you, Emily Duong, Bulletin Editor