Jeongyun(Sangim) Choe


My works of paper relief create shapes using the casting technique along with the naturally dyed "Paper mulberry pulp"('Dak pulp' in korean). The soft colors of Traditional dyeing(Natural dyeing) are well matched to the "Paper mulberry pulp". I have called 'Dodeul Greem' my works in Korean.
'Dodeul Greem' may be translated as 'Pictorial Relief' in English. "Dodeul" in Korean means 'Relief' in a painting and a sculpture.
'Dodeul Greem'has two-dimensional and three-dimensional character.
'Return to Nature'was adopted mainly as the theme of the works in order to express the artistic spirit of the Orient.
My works are based on naturalism and identity. And I work with the aim of cultural distinction, universality and a world view.