Jocelyn Châteauvert

United States


I build worlds from the most common and least known material: paper. The ritual of papermaking is ancient, scientific, and rhythmic. I merge this science with the unknown by air-drying my pieces: the paper shrinks, twists and cockles, forming three-dimensional shapes more subtle than I could design. My paper forms revert to their botanical origins; I make plants from plants. Oversized and immersive, my pieces dilate the natural world and bring it inside.


Jocelyn Châteauvert (1960-     ), raised and educated in Iowa City, is a paper artist, who creates jewelry, lighting, sculpture, and installations from the paper she makes by hand. After earning an MFA from the University of Iowa, she taught electroforming at Middlesex Polytechnic in London, and then established her career in San Francisco. Since 1999, she has lived in Charleston, South Carolina, devoting herself to handmade paper. She is recipient of a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship and the Craft Fellowship award from the South Carolina Arts Commission. Her work is in the collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Mint Museum, South Carolina State Museum and the Medical University of South Carolina.