Deborah Sharpe-Lunstead

United States

I am a papermaker and an artist. Plants and paper form a magical creative world for me. In each place I live, I gather plants from my surroundings to use for papermaking. I also cut up old clothes to make rag paper. With the paper pulp I create paintings that lie within the sheets of paper themselves. These luminous pulp paintings capture the many landscapes around the world that I have called home.

August is a glorious time in Vermont with cool nights and gardens in full bloom. The summer harvest is filling the farmers markets which are piled high with colorful and abundant fruits and vegetables. The air is crisp with a hint of the cooler weather to come.

It seems a perfect time to launch my website.  I hope you enjoy visiting my world.

The world of papermaking is one of daily discovery. I am constantly amazed at what a versatile medium it is. Up to now my focus has been on pulp painting, but I am also exploring ways to use handmade papers of different fibers with other media, such as printmaking, or mixed media. I invite you to explore this fascinating medium with me. 

You can begin the journey by watching the video on my website which takes you through the process of creating a pulp painting, from gathering the plants to making the paper to painting the image with pigmented paper pulp.