The reason of my involvement in art is my own existentialist concern in the current time and world. I define my works as 'material painting'. Besides the conventional painting materials, I use materials that carry metaphorical references such as paper, sand, rust, dress patterns, paper rope etc. While exploring the connection of the materials I use with the past, I transform them with my way of vision and feel and join them with what belongs to me. Apart from its known from and use, the potential that the paper possesses in the creation of different forms and ways of expression is the raison d`etre of my works.

I work as an art teacher. Already I have my own studio for my works.


1997 '1st. International Istanbul Triennial' - Istanbul

2004 'Young Cypriot Women Artists' Kerava Art Museum - Finland

2004 'The Nicosia Municipal Art Center' - Cyprus

2007 ' 2nd AAW International Youth Salon' Atelier of Alexandria - Egypt

2008 ' 6th International Paper Triennale' Musee Charmey - Switzerland


2001 'Bosluk - Kabuk - Genesis' AKM - Cyprus

2005 'Skin of the Soul' Argo Gallery - Cyprus