Working with the methodology and within the oeuvre of Bio-Art and using critical inquiry I explore the world of evolution as a metaphor.  My vision of the Anthropocene (our current geological age) underlies my art practice.  Using various mediums from glass, ceramics, printmedia, installations, video and photography to explore the human impact we are having on this environment.  Researching the progress of scientific development and evolutionary theory based upon Charles Darwin’s work, including ‘On the Origin of Species’. 

My goal is to create awareness surrounding the alterations we make in nature: looking to the way we transform not only the flora but also social, ethical and cultural values in society.  Through my studio process I create metaphors for our connection to these changes and the Anthropocene era (the geological era of human influence) through installations and images. Exploring the process of time and change, ways in which the past reflects on current time I use various mediums to connect time and place with the scientific discoveries that expand our understanding of the world we inhabit.  I have examined and created visual comments on the Galapagos Tortoise and the Tree Dandelion connecting to its relationship to the Weed or Common Dandelion.   By creating individual works and installations I work to generate a dialogue to the human impact on their very existence.

Recently returning from research in the Galapagos Islands I am expanding my dialogue with the Anthropocene to explore connections relating to sensitive ecosystems.