Priska Riedl works in her art practice as an independent studio artist. She is a tenured professor at the Art University in Linz, Austria where she teaches textile art and design with a special focus on paper art.

She has been expanding her artistic career since the middle 1980’s.

In her work she is investigating the areas of two dimensional art and sculpture. The context of her view of the human body its spatial relation context, site specific works as well as art with an environmental content.

The dominating elements she employes are textile, paper or latex, each being used as the material in and of them self or as conveyer for her iconography.

The narrative in her practice focuses on temporal, historical, social and cultural themes as well as the investigation of societal and gender issues. She has been exhibiting her work nationally and internationally.

Since 2012 Riedl has been director for ‘ art space on display ‘ , a creative space dedicated to the production and presentation of art, which is housed in a former storefront with large display windows that protrude out of the front of the building.The concept of this street level space is as a room immediately ready for temporary artistic interventions.

The architectural distinctiveness of the ‘ display ‘ area - the outwardly tilted glass window - in juxtaposition to the interior art space invites ideas and artistic interference.