I am Australian artist based on the Far North Coast of New South Wales in Byron Shire. My career as an artist began with becoming an art educator in Sydney after graduating from the National Art School in 1978. Teaching encouraged me to examine my own art practice and to keep pushing into new areas of concept and material.
My work reflects an enjoyment in hearing and telling stories. A diet of B-Grade adventure and science fiction, characterized by archetypal stories told in the corniest of ways, may have been partly responsible. But whether I am examining minutiae in the landscape, researching the idea of culture, or documenting the adventures of imaginary explorers there is usually a narrative and underlying humour.
My work is based around my love of paper, though many other techniques and materials are often brought to bear upon the finished piece. I describe myself as a mixed media fibre artist, as I use a broad range of techniques including etching, relief printing, 3D design and construction, stitching, dyeing, drawing, metal and bookmaking. I usually make my paper from plant fibre local to where I live, but I also forage whenever I visit friends in various parts of the country. Plant sources include garden varieties as well as Australian natives plants, if you can chop it up and boil it I will give it a go.
I enjoy the seasonal and cyclical nature of foraging, harvesting and processing that is involved in making plant fibre paper. This gives a strong unifying theme to my work regardless of the idea I may be pursuing.
I have exhibited regularly over the last 30 years in galleries around Australia and overseas. I have also been a tutor for many years, teaching a broad range of art practices and encouraging participants to remember to play to unleash the inner creative beast.
I am currently busy playing with my new Hollander Beater made by Mark Lander in New Zealand and my revived giant vat!