Priscilla Purcell (Rodrigues)

United Kingdom

Like many people working in Mixed Media, Priscilla moved into this field of art from another area of creative work. Her career was as a Graphic Designer, working in Corporate Identity and Corporate Communications in London, Boston, France, Germany, Hong Kong and New York. In addition she has been involved in Architectural renovation and Interior design in London, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire, Los Angeles and Greenwich, Connecticut. She has also studied Paper-making, Textiles and Embroidery - travelling to remote areas where paper is made symbiotically alongside textiles and embroidery.

Priscilla draws her inspiration from her personal and professional experiences; travel throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas is reflected in her work, as is the Tarot, Haiku poetry, Amulets, and the significance of Symbol, Colour and Number in different cultures.

All her work reflects a deep interest in the inner forces that drive mankind – forces that are typically, much more revealing than the outer veneer that most humans use to shield themselves from the eyes of the world.