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I work within all kinds of paper, i.e.: Cardboard, ordinary copy paper, very thin glossy paper, papyrus, japanese paper, crepe paper, dried plant fibres and mixed meida. I ´m not afraid of trying new materials and develope new methods. I create cardboard collages, 1D / 2D / 3D paper art installations and advanced woven heart art. But all my artworks have in common, that I almost never use chemicals like glue and tape to gather them. My paper art is suistainable art.

ABOUT MY WOVEN HEART INVENTIONs and the Woven Heart Art Museum (Julehjertemuseet.)

"For me, a woven paper heart is an artistic medium of expression, just like a canvas is for a painter and a score sheet / music release is for a composer........ "

Quote: Lisbet Lark, Denmark. 2010.

The woven Christmas Heart was invented by H.C. Andersen in the 1800s, when the Christmas tree came to Denmark. He made them into 2 strips and the oldest, is one he made is that is still kept is from about 1850 .

My mother taught me to weave an ordinary red / white isosceles Christmas heart into 2 strips / colours when I was a child. During Christmas 2007, (As a 42 y.o).I discovered by chance that I could even draw and construct woven paper hearts in 2 strips / 2 colors myself, and during 2008-2009, I developed my skills, drawing and design techniques so I could make them for up to 4 strips . One piece of woven paper heart art in 4 colours / 4 strips of the same design on the front and back usually takes about 4-5 hours to produce, if successful first time. Until very late at work with my very first woven heart art exhibition in 2009, I learned how to draw, construct and weave / cut them by up to 6 colours, with the same design on the front and back. In 2010 I invented the 6 stripped / 6 coloured heart with different design on the front and back. April 16th 2010 I finished the 1st one in the world of those difficult hearts, a 6 stripped heart with a portrait of H. C. Andersen on the front side and The Uggly Duckly on the back side, and it became a part of my Christmas Exhibition 2010: "Beroemtheder.... Celebrities" .. Such a heart can take up to 70 attempts before they succeed, and working hours are not quantifiable. Each heart measures approx. 12x 13 cm, and I've even had to design the framework for them and showcases. A woven paper heart piece is a two-dimensional art piece to be successful on both the front and back.
Dec 11th, 2014 I finished an even more utopique woven heart created from 9 pieces of paper and with different front and reverse, named " The Little Mermaid, my illustration from the Andersen fairytale, with a "Life"- illustration woven into the front of the heart, and a "Death"- illustration woven into the reverse of the  paper heart.

A woven paper heart feat made with 9 strips in quite thin glossy paper, with different design on the front and back has more than 500 million potential failures only in the construction ... it must also be cut and woven and the 72 sessions must match 100%. These are fragile stuff. I use no glue. Weave them up, and they easily go to pieces so they can not be copied, and till now am I the only one in the world who are able to draw, design, cut and merge them.

A woven heart art exhibition of this difficultyy takes approx. 1 -4 years to create. 

From Oct- 2014 My inventions within the woven heart art, has got it´s own little museum, Julehjertemuseet (The Woven Heart Art Museum) in Denmark, built up through 3 years by volunteers, financed by selling my own paper design products. The museum, which is open each year as a solo exhibition from medio October to medio december showing my woven paper artworks, my drawing skethes for them, some of my music and lyrics inspired by my inventions and woven paper hearts. All shown in my own specially designed showcases. The exhibitions will show the development of my inventions and each year new hearts will appear in the museum collection as long as I´m alive and able to see and create these miniatures.
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My cardboard collages in 1D, 2D and 3D are a chapter of their own, they just show my world as I see it. People, animals, musik, drawings, multi-faceted artistically universe, and so on.

Lisbet Lark

Cardboard collage artist, paper installation artist, woven heart artist, painter, blogger, close-up illustrator, miniature artist, miniature designer, old ancient history illustrator, photo artist, graphic artist, paper decoration designer, digital painter, composer, lyricist, short story writer, author, actress, composer and designer, Denmark.

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