Helene Tschacher


First metal but also wood, clay and paper where the materials I worked with.
1987 my focus was increasingly on paper. I stated to make my own recycling paper from old books or plant fibres from straw, hops and asparagus.
I experimented with different plant fibres also industrial rehashed
and used my paper for prints or mintages and finally for casting.
The castings became bigger and accrue to installations. Handmade paper from Nepal and Korea was also used as paper from raw flax or hemp or cotton rags from my beater.
Paper whether handmade or industrial paper I need the artistic licence to dally with an idea until I cut to the chase and I can express by my artistic work which cannot be verbalized.
Currently I work with books catalogues and other print media, cut or fold or alienate them. The lettering fades, pages go missing the story cannot tell itself in its entirety.


Editor of paper art books and paper art catalogues, curator of paper art exhibitions, juror of craft and paper art exhibitions, publications in professional journals for paper art, convenor for IAPMA congresses. Lectures and workshops about paper and paper art.
Awards, purchases of museums, galleries and universities

Solo and Group exhibitions Exhibitions
Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatian, France, Germany , Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey; UK, Ukraine, USA